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Shipping of products from eBay platform to Russia

Do you order goods from sellers on eBay or Amazon platforms? Help them start shipping to Russia and send your purchases with BoxMustGo service by Boxberry. You can buy items in any state of America and then receive them in the nearest to you Boxberry parcel office in Russia.

Advantageous rates

The cost of parcel shipping to Russia depends on its weight, first of all.  If an item weighs up to 2 lbs (about 900g), the parcel can be sent at $20. If the weight varies from 2 to 4 lbs, then it will cost $30.

The amount calculated with the online tool remains unchangeable all the way to Russia. The cost includes transportation to USPS location and to Russian parcel office. Parcel processing in the postal office as well as customs clearing service are already included in the price.

 Fast procedure

Do you want an American seller to send you items by BoxMustGo service? Send him a link to It would be better to text in English. Send the seller your short message or copy the variant below:

Hi! I want to buy this item. Can you send it to me via

Their service is faster and cheaper. Please Respond

It will take just 5 minutes to order the shipping service. The seller has to fill in the order form, insert a link to the web page with an item description, prepare a label and drop off the parcel in any USPS location. We cooperate with the American Post, they will organize shipping to Russia. 

Comfortable receiving

Averagely, shipments are delivered to Russia for 2 weeks or less. It is easy to track a package: enter its tracking number in Tracking field on  or websites. You will find all the information about parcel journey.

Pick up the shipment in any Boxberry parcel office. Inform the seller about the address where you want to receive a package. Boxberry online map will help you select the nearest office. Welcome to receive your parcel any time with no queues. Make sure you have a passport on you. 

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