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Sending parcels from your US friends and family

Delivery of online orders around Russia is not the only service by Boxberry. We are ready to ship the parcel from any American state. For this purpose, Boxberry offers the service called BoxMustGo. Your friend or relative living in the USA can use it, for instance.

Easy to organize shipping

We cooperate with USPS – American Postal Service. The parcel can be dropped off for shipping in any state – from Washington to Florida. First, the sender completes the order form for the shipment delivery. It is important to insert the link to the item in the parcel.

Let us say, you are being sent a mobile phone from the USA. You have to find the same model on the Internet, copy the link, insert it to the order form and indicate the price. The Russian Customs Service controls that strictly. Remember that some of goods are prohibited from importing to Russia by Customs Law. The entire list of such items can be found here.

Inform the sender about the Boxberry parcel office address which is the most convenient for you. It can be the office near your home or work. This address has to be indicated for delivery in the form. As soon as all data is completed, the sender prints out the shipping label, attach it to the package and brings to any USPS location.

Send at the best value

 The cost of shipping from the USA depends on the shipment weight. The weight is measured in pounds (lb) in the US. 1 lb is about 450g. The shipping of the parcel under 2 lbs will cost $20, the parcel of 2-4 lbs will cost $30. This price also includes customs clearing of the parcel and its 24/7 tracking. The online calculator will help to get your individual cost of shipping.

 Simple receiving

Enter the tracking number of your parcel on or in your Boxberry personal account to follow its journey. The average transit time of shipments from the USA to Russia is 14 days.

When your parcel is in your city, come to the Boxberry parcel office with the passport on you. Say the tracking number to the specialist and receive your parcel.

It is so easy, fast and comfortable to receive shipments from the USA.

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