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From the USA to Russia: shipping of online orders from any US state

Fast and low-cost shipping of goods from America to all Russian regions

 Shipping of parcels from the USA at the best price is easy and fast. Boxberry Parcel Service will make it real. BoxMustGo service will deliver goods from any American state.

Order online in US stores and pick up in the Boxberry nearest parcel office.

Let us tell you how to order shipping just in 3 steps.

Step 1: Select the store for shopping

The USA is home for loads of online stores and platforms as eBay and Amazon, for example. They offer the huge assortment of goods hard to find in Russia. International online shopping is a perfect way to make yourself or family happy with an excellent present.   

Shipping of 2 lb parcel will cost $20, 2-4 lbs are about $30.

The price includes customs clearing service and 24/7 tracking. The online calculator will help to find out your parcel shipping cost.

Step 2: Contact the seller

To organize shipping via BoxMustGo write to the seller in English and share service link with him. Any kind of online translators will help with your message if needed. Or you can use the following text:

  “Hi! I want to buy this item. Can you send it to me via Their service is faster and cheaper. Please, respond”.

The seller can send the item from any American state to any Russian region. You will receive the parcel easily in any Boxberry parcel office near you, any shopping center or an office.

Step 3: Track the parcel.

It takes no longer than 14 days to ship from the USA to Russia. Save your time and track the parcel on with your unique tracking number.

Take advantage of the easy service for shipping of online orders from the USA and receive parcels fast, near you and with no queues.

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